This Is Us & Our KidFolk Story 💚

A brief history: We met roughly 12-13 years ago through working at the same mall and were always friendly but just never really connected as friends during that stage of our lives! Flash forward to 2021, we were both pregnant, chandi with her second and myself with my first, we actually had the same due date! 💙 Chandi reached out & told me if I had any new mom questions or ever needed some fellow mom support she was there!

We very quickly discovered how similar we are & our shared love for creating all the things! We often found ourselves spending the sleepless nights with our little ones, messaging each other and creating things to help pass the time while keeping the sanity in check!! 🫠😅

Next thing we knew, a simple “could you imagine” joke turned into a logo, a purchased company name and although it has changed since then we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted the company to become, all within a few hours. We decided to dive in feet first and let KidFolk take us wherever it wanted to go.

We have been faced with a few roadblocks along the way but together we have pushed through, supported each other, allowed each other the grace to grow at our own pace and have created something really special for ourselves, our families and all of you! Not only have we been able to build our dream company and career, but we also found family, acceptance, joy, understanding, friendship and personal growth along the way!!

We want to thank everyone who has helped support our dream and get us to where we are today 💙 We are only getting started & can’t wait to continue seeing where this journey is going to take us over the years.

If you made it all the way to the end of our story comment your favourite emoji bellow! ⬇️

We can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you have shown us along the way & we can’t wait to continue inspiring childhood magic for you & your littles 💙

Love, Chandi & Amanda
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